Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Will Refuse The Sexual Assault

As you pass through security in the airport, the TSA can now take full body x-ray porn scans of you or fondle your genitals and breasts in a thorough 'pat' down. There has been much written about this in the last few days. See for example Michelle Malkin's post, Ed Cline's and John Tyner's. My friends at WC Varones, Left Coast Rebel and Temple of Mut have also blogged about it extensively.

My take on it is that the TSA has no business being in airports at all, much less taking x-ray porn shots or groping us. We are not involved in a declared war, though we should declare war on Iran and that'd be another story. Passengers who have not shown any evidence of harming others have nothing to answer for to the government. Security at airports should be the responsibility of the airlines and/or airport and they'd no doubt do the job a hundred times better than the TSA. They would also have a legitimate right to demand a search or scan (if that's what they decided to do): as a condition for riding their airplanes.

The reason I'm posting is to say that I plan to refuse the scan and the grope. I will refuse not because I mind being seen naked. I will refuse because they have no right to scan or touch me. I will also refuse because there are many others who are uncomfortable but will be caught off guard or intimidated into submitting. I will refuse so that their objections will be represented as well. And I will refuse because if you don't object to anything, then you'll eventually submit to everything. Now nude pics, tomorrow cavity searches and tracking implants. I will refuse the sexual assault and am planning accordingly.

Though not flying at all has been recommended on some blogs, I don't view the airlines as the culprits here, nor a boycott as effective. The fault lies with the government and it will be much more effective to show up and protest, than to stay away and make it appear like there's no opposition.


  1. Does anyone know if you can request a female groper if you are male?

  2. Pretty sure that's a 'no'. The former swimsuit models will be on break when you go through.