Friday, June 25, 2010

Dear Senator regarding DISCLOSE

Dear Senator,
I'm writing to ask you to oppose the DISCLOSE act, which attempts to deny free speech rights to companies and organizations.

You are now a powerful member of the U.S. Senate, but there will come a time when you are not, when your speaking engagements have dried up, when your books don't sell, when your foundation has run out of money, when you're too old or out of touch to continue as lobbyist.

There will come a time when you retire to a private life, when government spending continues to skyrocket funded by ever increasing taxes and printed money. You will see your savings disappear through taxation, rampant inflation and the regulatory destruction of U.S. production. You will find a new regulation at every turn, telling you how you can garden, where you're allowed to travel, who you can associate with. In brief, there will come a time when you realize that you and your family and your close friends are also victims of the out-of-control state. Your children won't be able to find jobs, your friends will be living on food stamps, your own personal life will be a shadow of what it is now. You too will say 'enough!'.

You're perhaps counting on your political friends or some pressure group to carry you through these years, but there are more friends of totalitarianism than it has need of. You will find that yourself, or your friends are no longer in favor and are discarded. The history of fascism, communism, socialism, and every form of statism is riddled with the corpses of erstwhile allies. There are more Trotskys than there are Stalins. After all, the ruling class only needs enough support to stay in power, and with every new law abridging freedom, that need diminishes. Remember also that with the strangulation of the economy the state has ever less confiscated wealth to distribute.

When this comes to pass, you will find that thanks to the DISCLOSE act and similar acts to follow, those that could have spoken out in defense of your life and your property have been gagged. It is imperative, above all else, that you defend the freedom of speech, our best defense against the descent into totalitarianism.

Consider also that the folly of the DISCLOSE act might hurt you in a more immediate manner, should religious conservative congress and president be elected. Do you think they will repeal? Unlikely. Every law you pass giving the government more power can just as well be used by your political opponents once they get in power. Who will still have the right to speak out when prayer is introduced into schools and biology abolished?

If your desire is to destroy capitalism and freedom at whatever cost to your own life and livelihood, then I have nothing more to say. In that case you probably already know that the dark future we're heading towards will be bleak for yourself as much as others. But if you at all value your life and the lives of your loved ones, defend your constitution, defend your right to the pursuit of happiness, defend your freedom of speech. I implore you in the name of your own rational self-interest.

Shane Atwell

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Feel free to use this for your own senators before the DISCLOSE act is brought before the senate.